Ethernet Plug

Ethernet Plug is small ENC28J60 based Ethernet controller board for TaaraNode and JeeNode microcontroller boards. Ethernet Plug operates entirely on 3.3V and has a on-board LDO regulator or DC/DC converter. The board can be powered either from microcontroller board it is attached to or via Passive POE. If the DC polarity from the PPOE may be issue there is also place for bridge rectifier which is bridged by default.


  • Ethernet Controller: Microcip ENC28J60
  • Passive POE: default
  • Passive POE polarity auto-sense: optional
  • Supply voltage: 5-16 V DC (LDO, default) or 4.75-34 V DC (DC/DC, optional)



  • Bare PCB: 3€ 
  • Pre-assembled: 30€