Biggest part of the attribution goes out to Jean-Claude Wippler of JeeLabs who has written a ton and a half of very useful hands on easy to read and understand blog posts about electronics and microcontroller based projects. His libraries are well written and there is a nice sample code for every hardware module (Plugs and Boards) he has developed for JeeNode boards.

One major influence for publishing all the content is Martin Harizanov with his corner on the web. His projects are focused on measuring, collecting and analysing data and controlling devices around the house.

Another site to check out is Felix Rusu‘s LowPowerLab. Felix reminds a little bit of JeeLabs for inventing his own RF microcontroller board family Moteino with on-board flash and innovative wireless firmware update option.

Good source of news, enthusiasm and fun is EEVBlog Youtube channel by David L. Jones. He also features in the weekly radio show TheAmpHour with Chris Gammell.

And last but not least, as they say – the best teacher is failure…