1-Wire Humidity and Temperature sensor

1-Wire Humidity and Temperature sensor is a low-cost Open Source device for measuring temperature and relative air humidity in 1-Wire micro LAN network. 1-Wire network allows multiple devices connected on the same bus in parallel. Every 1-Wire device has a unique 64bit ID.


  • 1-Wire device: Maxim DS2438Z+ ADC with internal 13-bit temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor: HIH-5030 or HIH-5031 (condensation-resistant)
  • Supply voltage: 2,7-5,5V DC
  • Conformal coating option adds some additional protection against moist air
  • Wiring on the full set model with the RJ12 plug (compatible with Maxim DS9490R USB to 1-Wire adapter):
    1 – VCC (yellow)
    2 – NC
    3 – OW 1-Wire data (green or blue)
    4 – GND (red)
    5 – NC
    6 – NC (black or none)



  • Bare PCB: 3€ 
  • Pre-assembled: 48€
  • Full set: 53€ 
  • Conformally coated full set 56€ 

NB! The price of main parts has increased significantly due to the chip shortage. Our prices are adjusted accordingly.